Sailing through the Lesser Antilles & Beyond


An 'Expedition Cruise' that started in Barbados, and took in St Lucia, the Grenadines & Tobago Cays, Grenada, Tobago, and Trinidad. After the Caribbean, we then started down the coast of South America, where our first stop was in Georgetown, Capital city of Guyana. From here we took a one hour flight to the Kaieteur National Park. Here, the mighty Kaieteur Falls plunge 822 feet to the bottom of a rocky gorge. Five times the height of Niagara Falls, an amazing 30,000 gallons of water per second crashes to the depths below. There are no other falls in the world with the magnitude of the sheer drop existing at Kaieteur.  We then sailed on down the coast of South America to Paramaribo, capital of Suriname. This was the old colony of Dutch Guyana. Our final country was French Guiana, with a stop at the old French Penal Colony of Devilís Island, located just off the coast of French Guiana. This was where the book and related film called 'Papillion' was based. Cayenne is the Capital of French Guiana and while in the country we took a tour to the home of the 'European Space Agency', from where the Ariane, Soyuz and Vega rockets are launched. The extensive and very informative tour took us to the launch pads of each of the rockets and control rooms associated with each. The cruise was accompanied by nine naturalists, experts in the flora, birds, environment, etc. of the area.

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