Bandos Island Resort, The Maldives.

Our October 2015 trip took us to the beautiful Bandos Island Resort in The Maldives, one of the 84 tiny tourist resorts in this island country. Although this was one of the first resorts to be developed in this country, it was renovated in 2005 and shows no signs of age. For the Maldives, the island is fairly large at 1.8 km in circumference and is completely surrounded in the most exquisite sandy beach imaginable, and house reef.

The strangely shaped blue boat was the resort's 'Glass Bottomed Boat' that took residents for a short trip over the reef.

I had a chance to try a new style snorkelling mask called a Tribord Eastbreath that gives full face cover and allows you to breathe through either your mouth or nose, without the need to hold a breathing tube in your mouth.

We flew with Emirates via Dubai to Male' and then took a fifteen minute speed boat trip to the resort.

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