Southern China & Hong Kong - 2010

Our October 2010 trip took us on another visit to China and Hong Kong.

We started in the huge ultra modern city of Shanghai, which I had last visited in 1986. The changes are incredible. When I last visited, there was nothing on the other side of the river but green fields, now the view from the famous Bund area looks over as the new area of Pudong creates a futuristic skyline, with high rise towers to rival anything in the world.

We travelled from the airport by Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train, the only one in the world. Capable of over 500 Km per hour, it takes just 8 minutes from the airport into central Pudong. We also visited the Shanghai World Finance Center and it's 100 storey, glass floored, observation gallery, the highest building in China.

From Shanghai we travelled south to what is probably the most picturesque area of China, Guilin in Sichuan Province, and a boat trip on the Li River, with a stay in Yangshuo. This area is home to the famous Cormorant Fishermen who use bamboo rafts and the birds to catch fish each night.

In Yangshuo we attended a Sound and Light show called 'Impression - Sanjie Liu', directed by Zhang Yimou and the team who produced the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. To say that it is spectacular would be an understatement. With a cast of over 600 and a backdrop of the Li River and hills this is truly the best show of this type anywhere in the world.

From here it was off to a new area for us, with a trip to Chengdu to see the famous Panda Research and Breeding Centre, which currently has 52 Pandas of varying ages. Founded in 1987, the Panda Base is a non-profit panda conservation and breeding facility. Set in 96 acres, this beautifully landscaped park has been designed to imitate the pandas' natural surroundings and has a very successful panda breeding record. The base is also home to other endangered wildlife including the elusive red panda.

We finished the trip with a three night stay in ultra modern city of Hong Kong, where we visited the Peak and took the cable car to see the Giant Buddah on Lantau Island.

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