Paphos, Cyprus 2015

Our 2015 summer break took us to Paphos on the island of Cyprus. While there we took a couple of day trips to see some more of the island. Our first day-trip took us past the offshore rock where - according to mythology, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, rose from the sea. Then on to the Kurion Amphitheatre, the House of Eustolios with it's impressive mosaics and Kolossi Castle.

Our second day trip took us into Northern Cyprus with a trip to the 'Ghost Town' of Famagusta, abandoned during the Turkish Invasion of 1974. After the UN controlled border crossing we stopped off at The City of Salamis with another amazing amphitheatre and Othello's Tower.

Finally, we explored the port area of Paphos that has an ancient castle and extensive archiological site with exquisite mosaics.

P1010292.jpg P1010300.jpg P1010319.jpg P1010349.jpg
P1010361.jpg P1010363.jpg P1010378.jpg P1010384.jpg
P1010389.jpg P1010397.jpg P1010399.jpg P1010407.jpg
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P1010477.jpg P1010493.jpg P1010507.jpg P1010514.jpg
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