DUBAI - 2010 Photo Album

Our March/April 2010 trip took us on a tour of the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, at the tip of the Indian Sub-Continent. We stopped off for three nights in the futuristic city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, on our way home as we returned from our trip to Southern India.

We started with a visit to the 'Mall of the Emirates' with it's crazy ski slope, toboggan runs and real snowfall. A complete contrast to the almost 40 degrees C outside.

Next day we had lunch in the Al Muntaha Restaurant at the Burj al Arab Hotel shown above. The restaurant is located over 200 metres above the sea, and provides some incredible views of the city and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel below. Immediately after this we ascended to the top of the world's highest structure, the Burj Khalifa Tower some 828 metres (2898 feet) high, that sits above the 'Dubai Mall'

On our final day we took a 'Big Bus Tour' of the city, taking in the Wafi Mall with it's Egyptian theme, the Palm Island with it's Atlantis Hotel, and finally the Creek area and Gold Souk.

dubai-01.jpg Dubai-02.jpg Dubai-03.jpg Dubai-04.jpg
Dubai-05.jpg Dubai-06.jpg Dubai-07.jpg Dubai-08.jpg
Dubai-09.jpg Dubai-10.jpg Dubai-11.jpg Dubai-12.jpg
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Dubai-17.jpg Dubai-18.jpg Dubai-19.jpg Dubai-20.jpg
Dubai-21.jpg Dubai-22.jpg Dubai-23.jpg Dubai-24.jpg
Dubai-25.jpg Dubai-26.jpg Dubai-27.jpg Dubai-28.jpg
Dubai-29.jpg Dubai-30.jpg Dubai-31.jpg Dubai-32.jpg
Dubai-33.jpg Dubai-34.jpg Dubai-35.jpg Dubai-35 (2).jpg
Dubai-36.jpg Dubai-37.jpg Dubai-38.jpg Dubai-39.jpg
Dubai-40.jpg Dubai-41.jpg Dubai-42.jpg Dubai-43.jpg
Dubai-44.jpg Dubai-45.jpg Dubai-46.jpg Dubai-47.jpg
Dubai-48.jpg Dubai-49.jpg Dubai-50.jpg Dubai-51.jpg
Dubai-52.jpg Dubai-53.jpg Dubai-54.jpg Dubai-55.jpg
Dubai-56.jpg Dubai-57.jpg Dubai-58.jpg Dubai-59.jpg
Dubai-60.jpg Dubai-61.jpg Dubai-62.jpg Dubai-63.jpg
Dubai-64.jpg Dubai-65.jpg Dubai-66.jpg Dubai-67.jpg

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