Fujairah, United Arab Emirates 2019

Mid February 2019 and we had a short break to the United Arab Emirate of Fujairah. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia, and is comprised of seven separate Emirates, Abu Dhabi-Capital of UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain.

We travelled with Emirates Holidays, flying from Glasgow to Dubai, then a two hour drive eastwards across the desert, took us to the Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort and Spa. Located close to the Oman border at Dibba Al-Fujairah.

fujairah-3.jpg fujairah-1.jpg fujairah-8.jpg  fujairah-5.jpg
fujairah-33.jpg fujairah-9.jpg fujairah-16.jpg  fujairah-14.jpg
 fujairah-6.jpg  fujairah-11.jpg  fujairah-13.jpg  fujairah-22.jpg
 fujairah-15.jpg  fujairah-27.jpg  fujairah-10.jpg  fujairah-17.jpg
 fujairah-18.jpg  fujairah-35.jpg  fujairah-19.jpg fujairah-20.jpg 
 fujairah-7.jpg  fujairah-29.jpg  fujairah-28.jpg fujairah-24.jpg
fujairah-43.jpg fujairah-21.jpg  fujairah-26.jpg  fujairah-25.jpg
 fujairah-37.jpg fujairah-31.jpg  fujairah-40.jpg fujairah-68.jpg 
fujairah-66.jpg  fujairah-34.jpg  fujairah-52.jpg  fujairah-32.jpg
fujairah-60.jpg fujairah-59.jpg fujairah-54.jpg fujairah-56.jpg
fujairah-39.jpg fujairah-46.jpg  fujairah-50.jpg  fujairah-38.jpg
fujairah-62.jpg fujairah-65.jpg fujairah-63.jpg fujairah-36.jpg
fujairah-45.jpg  fujairah-41.jpg fujairah-48.jpg fujairah-47.jpg
fujairah-64.jpg fujairah-42.jpg fujairah-74.jpg fujairah-51.jpg 
fujairah-67.jpg fujairah-72.jpg fujairah-69.jpg fujairah-73.jpg
fujairah-49.jpg fujairah-75.jpg fujairah-77.jpg Dubai Motorway

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