Seoul & the DMZ - South Korea

Our late September 2009 trip took us to Seoul, the ultra hi-tech capital of South Korea. We also took a trip into the DMZ or (De-Militarised-Zone) that lies between North and South Korea. This day tour is one of the most popular with visitors, and is only available to 'foreigners', and not Korean Passport holders.

The trip, escorted by UN troops, took us right into the JSA or Joint Security Area populated jointly by both United Nations and North Korean troops at Panmunjom. We even gained access to the room where 'peace' talks are held at regular intervals.

While in Seoul, we met up with Paula's nephew Alex, who was working in the country at the time.

We stayed near the giant COEX (Conference and Exhibition Centre) with one of the world's largest underground shopping malls located below it. We also visited the Seoul Tower for views of the whole city, and the 'Cheonggyecheon Stream' that has been opened up for the population as a leisure area with water features, light shows and art exhibitions.

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