Kurumba, Maldives 2019
April 2019 found us back in the lovely Islands of the Maldives. We flew from Glasgow to Male via Dubai with Emirates.

This time it was the resort of Kurumba, which was the first ever tourist resort built in the Maldives in 1972. It has certainly stood the test of time and no doubt has had a few refurbs to keep it looking as pristine as ever. A fast transfer takes only ten minutes by powerful speedboat from the Airport on Male, to the arrivals jetty on Kurumba.

Due to it's close proximity to the main Island of Male and the Airport Island, with the resultant boat traffic, the entire island has been ringed by a protective stone barrier which contains the safe sandy beaches but gives access to the house reef as soon as you venture through the gaps in the wall.

We were upgraded to a Deluxe Bungalow located just 20 metres from the sea. Access around the island was made easy by a very efficient 'Golf Buggy' service, that transported us to and from the restaurants as required.With eight different restaurants catering for most diverse tastes, Thai, Italian, Japanese Teppanyaki, Indian Curry, Middle Eastern and Vihamanaa, the General Buffet Restaurant which had a different food theme each night.

We had a lovely meal in the Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant for Paula's Birthday, complete with chocolate Birthday Cake.

Once a week,the Resort Management Team hold a beach cocktail party to watch the lovely sunset and let everyone get to know their fellow guests.

We took an excursion in a very smart 'Glass Bottomed' Boat that took us around the entire island where we saw a huge array of very colourful fish, rays, and turtles. As is usual in the Maldives there were a few 'friendly' Black Tipped Reef Sharks that we have been assured do not attack the tourists.

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