Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi 2011

Our February 2011 trip took us on a return to Malaysia for what was effectively a beach holiday.

We started with three nights in the Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, just a few hundred metres from the Petronas Towers. Our room looked over the park and lakes directly at the iconic towers.

From KL we travelled to the island of Langkawi that sits very close to the Thailand - Malaysia border. The island is actually a group of 99 islands with a huge stone eagle as their symbol.

We stayed at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, a lovely resort with excellent restaurants and set within 31 acres of landscaped gardens, lakes and swimming pools and located right on a wide sandy beach. We took a trip around the island by car and up the 'Cable-car' to walk along the 'sky-bridge' with magnificent views of the entire island complex.

KL-1.jpg KL-2.jpg KL-3.jpg KL-4.jpg
KL-5.jpg KL-6.jpg KL-7.jpg KL-8.jpg
KL-9.jpg KL-10.jpg KL-11.jpg KL-12.jpg
KL-13.jpg KL-14.jpg KL-15.jpg KL-16.jpg
KL-17.jpg KL-18.jpg KL-19.jpg KL-20.jpg
KL-21.jpg KL-22.jpg KL-23.jpg KL-24.jpg
KL-25.jpg KL-26.jpg KL-27.jpg KL-28.jpg
KL-29.jpg KL-30.jpg KL-31.jpg KL-32.jpg
KL-33.jpg KL-34.jpg KL-35.jpg KL-36.jpg
KL-37.jpg KL-38.jpg KL-39.jpg KL-40.jpg
KL-41.jpg KL-42.jpg KL-43.jpg KL-44.jpg
KL-45.jpg KL-46.jpg KL-47.jpg KL-48.jpg
KL-49.jpg KL-50.jpg KL-51.jpg KL-52.jpg
KL-53.jpg KL-54.jpg KL-55.jpg KL-56.jpg
KL-57.jpg KL-58.jpg KL-59.jpg KL-60.jpg
KL-61.jpg KL-62.jpg KL-63.jpg KL-64.jpg
KL-65.jpg KL-66.jpg KL-67.jpg KL-68.jpg
KL-69.jpg KL-70.jpg KL-71.jpg KL-72.jpg
KL-73.jpg KL-74.jpg KL-75.jpg KL-76.jpg
KL-77.jpg KL-78.jpg KL-79.jpg KL-80.jpg
KL-81.jpg KL-82.jpg KL-83.jpg KL-84.jpg

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We visit all of these countries as travellers and make no political comment on the way they are governed.

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