Velassaru Island Resort, Maldives & Dubai 2017

October 2017 and we again visited the lovely Maldives. This time it was the resort of Velassaru. Again we flew with Emirates through Dubai to Male and then a twenty five minute speedboad trip took us to the resort. We stayed in a beach bungalow with it's outside shower. During our stay, we visited the island's Teppanyaki Japanese Resaurant to celebrate George's birthday, where they had prepared a chocolate birthday cake for us, complete with candle. Arnold the chef, kept us well entertained with his teppanyaki knife and cooking skills.

We took an evening Dolphin Cruise, and found ourselves in the centre of a huge pod that must have numbered around one hundred. They swam alongside the bows of the boat and performed acrobatics, jumping and sumersaulting all around us.

We stopped in Dubai on our way home and stayed at the brand new Address Boulevard Hotel in the Downtown District. The hotel is joined to the massive Dubai Mall in this city that is changing at an incredible speed. A true 'City of the Future'.

To continue my birthday celebrations, we visited the Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Restaurant at the 7 Star Burj Al Arab Hotel.

While visiting the Dubai Mall, George took the opportunity to try his hand at the A380 Flight Simutator. On our last evening we dined by the Dubai Fountain, beneath the 823 metre high Burj Khalifa Tower.

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The Address Boulevard Hotel, Dubai
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