Peru Photo Album 1992  -

Our 1992 trip took us to Peru, where we first met, while travelling on the same tour.

We started in Lima before moving to the country's second largest city, Aerequipa, from where we travelled high into the Andes to Puno and Lake Titticaca to see the people of the floating islands. While there we took a day trip round the world's highest navigable lake and into Bolivia at Copacabana. A train trip then  took us across the high alto plano to Cusco and the lost city of Machu Pichu where we stayed overnight in the Machu Pichu Lodge.

From Cusco we returned to Lima by air and then travelled south by bus through Pisco and Ica, and ended in Nasca to see the amazing lines etched in the desert. These are only visible from the air, so we took a short sightseeing flight over the desert in a small Cessna plane.


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