South India - Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Our March/April 2010 trip took us on a tour of the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, at the tip of the Indian Sub-Continent. We started in the south eastern city of Madras, now known as Chennai, before travelling south to Mahabalipuran where we stayed at the Radisson Temple Bay Resort. The temperature at this time of year was in the high 30's C with 50% humidity, so we were glad of a couple of easy days as we acclimatised. Our next stop was the old French Colonial city of Pondicherry and the Promenade Hotel, before moving on to Tanjore and Trichy to see the amazing Temples. Madurai was our next stop.

After Tamil Nadu, we moved into Kerala where we spent two days at The Elephant Court Hotel in Periyar. The highlight of Kerela was the night that we spent aboard a houseboat cruising the backwaters and canals in some style. We finished the tour in the port of Cochin, located in India’s south western corner. We stayed at the Hotel Trident for the final three nights of an amazing trip.

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A much fuller description of the trip and the pictures is coming as soon as possible, as well as pictures from our three night stay in ultra modern city of Dubai.

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We stopped off in Dubai for three nights on our way home.
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