The Isles of Scilly 2009

We had a short break on the Isles of Scilly in April 2009. The group of islands are located just 28 miles off the southwest tip of Britain.

The climate there is slightly better than the mainland, and this allows some semi-tropical plants to be grown most of the year round. The island of Tresco is famous for it's Abbey Gardens with some excellent examples of this.


Scilly09_001.jpg Scilly09_002.jpg Scilly09_003.jpg Scilly09_004.jpg
Scilly09_005.jpg Scilly09_006.jpg Scilly09_007.jpg Scilly09_008.jpg
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Scilly09_021.jpg Scilly09_022.jpg Scilly09_023.jpg Scilly09_024.jpg
Scilly09_025.jpg Scilly09_026.jpg Scilly09_027.jpg Scilly09_028.jpg
Scilly09_029.jpg Scilly09_030.jpg Scilly09_031.jpg Scilly09_032.jpg
Scilly09_033.jpg Scilly09_034.jpg Scilly09_035.jpg Scilly09_036.jpg
Scilly09_037.jpg Scilly09_038.jpg Scilly09_039.jpg Scilly09_040.jpg
Scilly09_041.jpg Scilly09_042.jpg Scilly09_043.jpg Scilly09_044.jpg
Scilly09_045.jpg Scilly09_046.jpg Scilly09_047.jpg Scilly09_048.jpg
Scilly09_049.jpg Scilly09_050.jpg Scilly09_051.jpg Scilly09_052.jpg

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