Northern Thailand 2009

Bangkok, the North and Krabi

Our early June 2009 holiday took us back to Thailand. This time we started with three days in the bustling capital, Bangkok. While there we had an amazing dinner at Vertigo, an outdoor  restaurant on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. We also had lunch at the Peninsula Hotel  on the Chao Phraya River, before taking a trip on the Skytrain and then a very interesting riverboat ferry trip down the river.

From Bangkok, we flew North to Chang Mai and then drove to Mae Hong Son in the North West of Thailand,  near the border with Myanmar. We stopped at an Orchid Farm en-route and while there, we travelled by elephant and long-tailed boat to see the village where the long- necked Karen women of the Pa Dong tribe live. Back in Chang Mai, we visited the Zoo where the Pandas had just had a baby the week before, and then had dinner with traditional dancing at a local restaurant to finish the night.

Our next part of the tour took us by road through Chang Rai, to the most Northerly point in Thailand and the area known as the Golden Triangle which forms the border between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. While in this area we visited some of the hill tribes in their traditional villages.

For a final part of the trip we flew south to the beach resort of Krabi for a rest after all our travels in the North. We took a boat trip from Krabi to some of the off-shore islands for a lovely spot of swimming in the sea that was alive with brightly coloured tropical fish.

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