Thailand 2007

Our 2007 holiday took us to Thailand, where we started with four hectic days and nights in the bustle of the exciting modern city of Bangkok.

While there, we took various excursions, including an orchid garden, the Floating Market at Dumnoen Saduak, the Bang Pa-In Palace, and the ancient capital of Siam, Ayutthaya. 

After this, we travelled south to the quiet resort of Cha-Am and the Holiday Inn Regent Beach for a further eight nights.  This resort is located half way between Cha-Am and Hua Hin.

The pictures are in chronological order of the trip and hopefully show what an incredibly beautiful area of the world this is.

_MG_0010.jpg _MG_0013.jpg _MG_0018.jpg _MG_0026.jpg
_MG_0027.jpg _MG_0028.jpg _MG_0029.jpg _MG_0032.jpg
_MG_0043.jpg _MG_0044.jpg _MG_0052.jpg _MG_0058.jpg
_MG_0062.jpg _MG_0067.jpg _MG_0071.jpg _MG_0072.jpg
_MG_0073.jpg _MG_0074.jpg _MG_0075.jpg _MG_0076.jpg
_MG_0078.jpg _MG_0082.jpg _MG_0084.jpg _MG_0085.jpg
_MG_0086.jpg _MG_0088.jpg _MG_0094.jpg _MG_0097.jpg
_MG_0098.jpg _MG_0101.jpg _MG_0103.jpg _MG_0104.jpg
_MG_0105.jpg _MG_0106.jpg _MG_0112.jpg _MG_0115.jpg
_MG_0116.jpg _MG_0120.jpg _MG_0129.jpg _MG_0138.jpg
_MG_0147.jpg _MG_0148.jpg _MG_0150.jpg _MG_0152.jpg
_MG_0185.jpg _MG_0187.jpg _MG_0192.jpg _MG_0194.jpg
_MG_0196.jpg _MG_0201.jpg _MG_0202.jpg _MG_0203.jpg
_MG_0204.jpg _MG_0205.jpg _MG_0206.jpg _MG_0208.jpg
_MG_0210.jpg _MG_0212.jpg _MG_0221.jpg _MG_0229.jpg
_MG_0232.jpg _MG_0239.jpg _MG_0243.jpg _MG_0253.jpg
_MG_0259.jpg _MG_0264.jpg _MG_0270.jpg _MG_0285.jpg
_MG_0287.jpg _MG_0291.jpg _MG_0292.jpg _MG_0295.jpg
_MG_0296.jpg _MG_0298.jpg _MG_0302.jpg _MG_0304.jpg
_MG_0309.jpg _MG_0311.jpg _MG_0314.jpg _MG_0319.jpg
_MG_0325.jpg _MG_0330.jpg _MG_0338.jpg _MG_0344.jpg
_MG_0349.jpg _MG_0353.jpg _MG_0366.jpg _MG_0375.jpg
_MG_0377.jpg _MG_0381.jpg _MG_0384.jpg _MG_0386.jpg
_MG_0387.jpg _MG_0395.jpg _MG_0404.jpg _MG_0405.jpg
_MG_0406.jpg _MG_0413.jpg IMG_0323.jpg _MG_0420.jpg
_MG_0707.jpg _MG_0711.jpg _MG_0718.jpg _MG_0729.jpg
_MG_0746.jpg _MG_0749.jpg _MG_0757.jpg _MG_0760.jpg
_MG_0765.jpg _MG_0777.jpg _MG_0780.jpg IMG_0215.jpg
IMG_0240.jpg IMG_0242.jpg IMG_0270.jpg IMG_0285.jpg
IMG_0299.jpg IMG_0316.jpg _MG_0417.jpg IMG_0704.jpg

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